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Aquaguard Select Water Softener AWS 3500

Get rid of Hard water which may cause hairfall, dry itchy skin, stains on sinks, bathtubs, bathroom fittings, appliances, and reduced impact of detergents and soaps.

    • Intelligent Inside

      Looks after itself: Based on the usage, it automatically selects regeneration function, making it hassle free and economical. Just set it and forget it.
      LCD Display Panel: Features an easy-to-read LCD display panel for details of the current setting.


    • Salt Monitor System

      Maintains salt levels: Indicates when salt content is low for uninterrupted, hassle free operation.


    • Fully Automated Regeneration

      Zero manual effort: Once set, the water softening media will regenerate itself automatically.


    • Auto Setting Lock

      Maintains previous setting: If electric power to the softener’s control is lost, internal memory will maintain its previous setting.


    • Additional Sediment Filter

      Removes sediments: Beneficial for water supplies containing iron and / or high amounts of sediments like sand, silt, dirt and more.