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Aquaguard Select Water Softener AWS 2000

The Aquaguard Select Water Softener AWS 2000 Conditioner is an innovative household water softener from Eureka Forbes. It is equipped with an advanced ion-exchange technology and turns every tap in your house into a source of soft water. With more resin volume, this water conditioner works even with high water hardness and is a perfect match for big families or families with large water consumption.

  • For hardness up to 1626 mg/l
  • Intelligent Inside
  • LCD Display panel
  • Automated regeneration
  • Auto Setting Lock
  • Suitable for Bigger families

  • Intelligent Inside

    Based on the usage, the water conditioner automatically selects its function, making it more economical. Just set it and forget it


  • Fully Automated Regeneration

    Once set, the water conditioning media will regenerate itself automatically


  • LCD Display Panel

    The Aquasoft water conditioner has an easy to read LCD display panel for details of current settings


  • Compact Design

    The compact design of Aquasoft water conditioner allows it to be set up in your home, without occupying precious space


  • Auto Setting Lock

    If electric power to conditioner’s control is lost, internal memory will maintain previous setting


  • Suitable for Bigger families

    With Resin Volume of 20 litres it can work for hardness upto 1626mg/l which provides more soft water even with more hardness in water